Welcome there.

You have found my website! In this site, i usualy show my interests and updates what is going on on my mind. I am known for providing some code snippets to everyone in Neocities. Origin of my website was simple, when i wanted to make a website, then i searched how to make them and most of them were drag and drop, and i was interested in until the monthly plans showed up and i rejected my idea. Later i saw a youtube video how to make a website quickly and it was writing the elements and text, and my interest has been restored. I never discorvered Neocities until i noticed neocities.org on fauux.neocities.org on a list of weirdest websites video and i thinked "neocities, what's this?" and it was a right place to share my interests. I had to deciede what to put in my webpage until i lurked trough w3schools and that'hs where the code snippets was a first ting. But what i am interested rather than web design? Well,look at list below

  • Art
  • Playing video games
  • History
  • Athelics

And much more! But what kind of video games i play? It's...

Now you have read my description, thanks you for spending your time on this paragraph ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°). By the way, you can contact me via Discord to my tag xillymisa#4464


Layout changes incoming 07/05/2019

Prepare for it!

New page 05/05/2019

I've added new page "Cursors" and that's it.

Not yet lost 15/04/2019

Homework, athelics and school is a reason why i'm like disappeared from NeoCities, might update some things and correct some errors.

Correcting all errors to my website 10/04/2019

I was interested lookng at W3 HTML checker and i did it and there were a lot of errors and warnings and it was countless time waste like adding alt="" in images, replacing <center> with css and more crap, what checker said. Also i replaced "Sign my guestbook"'s software to HTML Comment Box, wich is inside my page. HTML checker errors aren't fixed in mobile page therefore i will correct them later.

"Updates" archive incomming 03/04/2019

I didn't say goodbye to internet so, late april fools! Since the post updates in this page is getting more longer and i don't want to sort post updates by pages like [1], [2] or [3] because i don't know so much about Javascript, may study Javascript later if i will have free time. So.. post update archive will be a thing or sorted post updates like [1], [2] or [3]. Vote pls

I am leaving the internet 01/04/2019

I have to say, goodbye interwebs unless you know what today is... ;(

Mobile friendly site done! 30/03/2019

Just had a fever ། ﹒︣ ‸ ﹒︣ །. but the mobile site is done expect tutorial page, wich i haven't updated for awhile. All content are same what i had in my desktop site, i will add mobile detector soon with JS or not.

Artwork page done! 28/03/2019

That was quick and 2 MORE things to do:

  • Mobile website design
  • HTML tutorial page

Mobile friendly site and more 28/03/2019

The idea of mobile friendly site apperently came up to my head, so i'll work on mobile-friendly site instead of finishing "Tutorial" page ┌༼ – _ – ༽┐... Also i'll be adding "Artwork" page again, showing my best artwork made with computer, and i'm still learning how to use Adobe Illustrator, but that's not fan art! It's something else, it's flat design and more. I don't think fan art is bad unless it's pervet-ous or fetish crap, that i hate it. So expect it to be in this site soon™.

"Tutorial" page revamp 27/03/2019

To make my unfinished "Tutorial" page more understandable, i had to change alot of things and more explanation to certain item.

Changes, again 26/03/2019

All site icons are moved to bottom of web page

New menubar item: "Other" 26/03/2019

New page: Other! It contains sites that are off-topic like "Vadim the Cat", but there's also a unfinished HTML tutorial page, that i will work on it later. Also minor website style changes.

Tutorial page is under construction 24/03/2019

After ditching the "Artwork" page, i have decided to create a tutorial page how to create website. If creation is done, then i will add "Tutorial" to my menubar.

Almost 1000 views! 15/02/2019

There's really nothing special getting 1000 views on my site at Neocities, alright you need to know that post update is just a placeholder for future updates, so there's no more information right now.


While learning computer graphics with Adobe illustrator at artschool, there are some of my personal favourite artwork i made.



I was installing Adobe illustrator trial version to my computer and i was addicted to that software. The first artwork is what i call "Fanciness" and i'm still addicted to that software before it dies out after week and i may post more artwork in future.



At this time, the subject was about Birds and using "PathFinder" feature in Adobe Illustrator, so i choosed Raven, while everyone else were choosing fantasy or exotic birds, so this is my first artwork in that subject. If you wonder what does "krauklītis" mean(inside artwork), it's raven.

Hallow trees

Hallow Trees

Possibly my first artwork with AI, due to poor quality of this image is because i had to find my first artwork and file was deleted but i found it in a presentation file.

Card html


Insert Your Own

Link as button Retrohtml


Insert Your Own

Custom mouse cursorcss


Hover me!

Button "pressed" effectcss


Images between texthtml css

The way to add images between text without using img tag, then text and img


Scrolling rainbowcss


Text strokecss


Circular button with css

Use <link href="//netdna.bootstrapcdn.com/font-awesome/3.2.1/css/font-awesome.css" rel="stylesheet"> inside <head> tag for icon. Check out Font Awesome Icons to see aviable icons!


Persistent Navigation barcss


Custom cursors

Years ago, i was interested on computer design much more than drawing. Then i went to my computer and started to design cursors already for my computer, but not only, one of them was published at DeviantArt(i don't remember, what my username was, it wasn't xillmisa), it's Orangify. Orangify's design wasn't looking best than past when i thought mine were the best. Later after release of Orangify, i started to make more,MORE, and MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORE. Now there are my cursorpacks, i made for myself expect one.

Remember, all of this is a WIP!




That is my first cursorpack, which is also published to DeviantArt. Name "Orangify" is after the colour in that cursorpack.


Banner of Orangify cursor.

Terminal cursor



I was deciding to publish that cursor pack but it turns out i never did that. Wanted to follow the CursorMania style and it worked.

Terminal cursor



Just plain ,simple and white cursor.


What did you enjoy to this site? Leave a comment! Would like to hear your thoughts on my website. All suggestions are welcome.

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